A special day for Dream World Cup. Today, Fondazione Carlo Valente Onlus gave birth to the first selections day for the Futsal Italian National Team that is going to participate to our World Championship next May. A great day of sport, dedicated to the Southern part of Italy, the first of a long series of days that will lead us to the World Cup debut next 13th May in Rome, with the opening ceremony in occasion of the 40th anniversary of Legge Basaglia.

The goal of Dream World Cup is clear and well-described by Prof. Santo Rullo, in an interview realised by the Italian tv TRM Network. «We stress the importance of sport for people who too often have sedentary lifestyles and who, due to their condition, take medicines that could create metabolic and cardiovascular problems. Moreover, sport has a power of union and cohesion, reminding these people their children memories, when they used to play».

Francesco Fischetti, Professor of  Sport Science (UniBa), interviewed by TRM Network added: «For several years, Fondazione Carlo Valente has been promoting this football tournaments. THese events can create for these people new opportunities, both for physical activity and psychosocial issues».

Aurelio Valente, President of Fondazione Valente Onlus, concluded: «We affirm that only through playing sport, these people forget their fears and distress. Our solidariety must be supported, in order to let these boys get out from their isolation».