ECOS is pleased to announce a free webinar dedicated to the Italian national team of people with mental health named “Crazy for Football” which will be delivered Friday 18 December 2020, at 10.30 am (CET).

The online event will be delivered in Italian and will be available on the Facebook profile of ECOS (

During the webinar, Dr Santo Rullo and the trainer Enrico Zanchini (among other guests) will talk about the homonymous pilot action based on the SPHERE guidelines, and the clinical and relational aspects developed with the team over the years – always with the aim to reaffirm the importance of sport and physical activity for mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation.

The webinar, organised with the support of the Lazio Region, will be also a moment of confrontation with important guests of the Italian health and institutional panorama, with whom to discuss possible strategies to be implemented also in view of the sports reform undergoing in Italy in these months.