«”Crazy for Football” is a beautiful film, that touched me». These are Alessandro Costacurta’s word, a champion who knows a lot about football. with a life spent playing for AC Milan and now a first line role in Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio.

After the projection of the movie at Cinema Adriano, in the framework of “Crazy for Football at School” project, Costacurta told journalists about his feelings about the film, with positive words. «It speaks about the essence of sport, telling a story that suits not only to people with problems, but to every boy who wants to play sport and has a dream».

«The movie tells the story of who, like me, dreamt of playing for the Italian National Team and made it real », he said, before joking with students about a possible role for Enrico Zanchini, as next head coach for te Italian National Team of Football.