An ambitious project, with a unique great target: defeat the stigma. Yes, because people with mental illness are often excluded by the rest of the world and – as a reaction – they tend to exclude it themselves.  These people have a “stigma”: they fear others, they judgments and they are afraid of making mistakes.

Through sport and football, this can change: these people play together, sharing an experience, both of sport and life. Sport fights against isolation and promotes teamwork, socialisation. Thanks to sport, stigma can be defeated.

This is Dream World Cup: an occasion, a hope. And that is why ECOS Europe, thanks to the brilliant initiative of Prof. Santo Rullo, is in the first line to organise this event. 13th May 2018, the kick-off day of the World Cup, will be the 40th Anniversary of “Basaglia Law”, that closed asylums in Italy. Today, 40 years later, we are here, to keep the integration path of these people.